Is This Program Right for You?

My decision to start a sales staffing agency was driven by a confluence of events. Between 2002 and 2016, I was a moderately successful salesperson, sales leader, and entrepreneur. I worked for six different companies during those fourteen years and also spent some time as an independent sales consultant. Without exception, every position I held provided me an opportunity to make a major impact on a company’s operations. I was one firm’s first sales hire and another’s first enterprise sales leader. I opened new offices and helped introduce new products and divisions within publicly traded corporations. I was often asked to drive turnaround efforts.

I figured out early in my sales career that I found true job satisfaction only when I was building something new. This led me directly to software sales, an area with tremendous demand for employees who can build their own playbook and thrive in the midst of a little chaos. Sales opportunities in software are endless. I generally worked in the areas of marketing technology, advertising technology, and HR technology, a little corner of the software world. As of April 2019, more than seven thousand software companies were operating in martech and adtech alone, according to the researcher Scott Brinker.

Angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity companies obviously see enough potential to fund many business plans. But they also know—as does any employee of a small start-up—that the failure rate for these firms is high. Depending on which report you believe, 60 to 90 percent of start-ups will cease operations within five years of their creation.

According to research by CB Insights, the top four reasons for start-up failure are lack of market need, running out of cash, poor leadership, and simply being outgunned. There are always winners and losers, and I experienced this firsthand: my tenure at four companies included a positive event (merger or acquisition), and two ended when the companies drastically pared back operations because they faced significant product and financing challenges.

As I gained wisdom and experience in the software space, it became clear to me that no matter how good I was at picking a winning company, and how well I performed, my job would always be at risk. Software sales leaders are well compensated for taking on this risk and driving growth in challenging circumstances. That part I loved. But if I continued my career as an at-will employee of various start-ups, my financial security would always be beyond my control, in the hands of a board of directors and CEO. And their interests were not always aligned with mine. In early 2015, I decided that the only way to have full control of my career was to start a business.

As I began to think of businesses that could match my income expectations and maximize the value of my sales experience, I quickly settled on staffing. As a sales leader at three different companies, I had used staffing agencies myself, an experience that proved valuable as I figured out what I wanted to do next.

Now I dug into the details: what contingent recruiters do all day, how they find clients, how they find talent, how they determine how much time to spend with each client (i.e., what their customer service level will be), and how much money they can make.

Boom—a lightning bolt.

I realized that I was purpose-built to run a one-person sales staffing agency.

My dream was never to start some business, although I had certainly poked around various possibilities over the years. By the middle of 2015, I knew that I wanted to start a specific business, with a specific target audience and a specific business model. And I knew, months before I opened Top 10, that it could be a $500,000-a-year company.

Are you purpose-built for this model? Let’s find out.

I wrote this book with the following audiences in mind:


Owners of one-person sales staffing firms who would like to improve their agency’s performance


A salesperson or sales leader who has already decided to open a one-person sales staffing agency

My book, and the accompanying training program, is not designed to help you decide whether running an agency is for you. Rather, it is a step-by-step playbook that will get your agency off the ground or improve its financial performance. The $500K Sales Recruiter is a specific go-to-market model, and you should figure out whether this model is right for you.

If you possess more than half of the following character traits, you already have a built-in competitive advantage for operating this model:

  • genuine joy in helping others advance their careers
  • a lifelong hunger to outperform your peers
  • craving for the control that comes with being your own boss
  • willingness and ability to put in extra hours, if necessary, in the first six to twelve months of operation
  • experience and success in sales
  • experience as a sales leader and in hiring salespeople (a massive built-in advantage)
  • a strong network of sales managers and salespeople—particularly people within your ideal client profile
  • strong business writing skills (an absolute must-have)
  • success in working from home
  • discipline
  • high tolerance for repetitive work, including evaluating 250 resumés/profiles every day
  • greater proficiency with email and other business tools than 90 percent of your peers
  • success working for a service-based business
  • thick skin
  • a commitment to operating with honesty, candor, and transparency

On the other hand, some character traits are inimical to the mission, vision, and core values of the $500K model. This model might not be for you if you

  • are risk averse and/or need a base salary
  • like meeting and/or socializing with your clients and coworkers in person
  • like a balance of revenue-generating and other kinds of activities in your workday
  • enjoy traveling for business
  • like to conquer fresh, new challenges every week
  • consider yourself a relationship seller
  • know that attention to detail is not one of your strong suits
  • take things personally, especially negative comments and emails

By the time you have turned the last page and completed the training, you will have learned

  • how to set up the actual business—your brand, your LLC, your website, and all the other components
  • how to maximize every minute of every day, so that you spend 95 percent of your time generating revenue
  • specific prospecting techniques, with specific messaging, that will help you secure new clients
  • a unique methodology for sourcing, screening, and submitting top sales candidates

The documents you download include everything you will ever need to start your agency or improve your existing one: client agreements, needs analysis documents, marketing materials that target candidates, dozens of email templates that will allow you to respond immediately and easily to every type of client and candidate, and profit-and-loss statements and other forecasting tools.

If I’m going to create new competitors in the marketplace, and give them the secrets to my success, I want to be 100 percent invested in their success as well. So everyone who purchases this training program will receive

  1. a hard-cover copy of The $500K Sales Recruiter
  2. spiral-bound copy, to be used as a workbook
  3. more than one hundred pages of supporting documents, which you will download from a Google Drive link
  4. thirty-six hours of one-on-one consulting with me—three days of in-person training, plus twelve hours of video consulting

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If you understand and acknowledge the financial investment required, let’s schedule a thirty-minute video conference. I will provide a high-level overview of the program, reveal Top 10 Sales Talent’s financials, and discuss your vision for your business.

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